About Us

Welcome to Skrubbers
Want to support Aussie Business run by Aussies?
Our scrubs are made right here in rural Victoria. Using local talent to sew up your scrubs. 
  • Scrubs start from $48. Some fabrics in our premium range are a little more. 
  • I have a buy 5 get one free which runs all the time.
  • All our fabrics are 100% cotton. 
  • All our shirts have pockets and ID tag holder. Let me know if you don't want them or want extra pockets.
  • If you can't meet me for a fitting you will need to measure yourself. I need bust, waist and hip measurements.
  • Please let me know in the comment section of your order if your tall, our shirts are a standard length and will fit someone upto about 5' 8.
  • I can make scrubs from your fabric, we have a make up fee.  
We have some workers with disabilities working with us, sometimes your labels may be crooked... doesnt matter, our workers take such pride in their achievements, we love having them on board.